Internal strategic management consultancy

Strategic Consultancy on internal management and organisation

UM&Asociados offers a consultation service for internal management processes and organisation with the objective of collaborating with the Client-Company to improve the results of its internal procedures and management efficiency, through a combined platform (model of consultancy and software tool) namely 'Integra'.

The design and development of Management decision processes, Organization model and Human Resources and the integration of the systems that manage these tasks in accordance with the customer needs.

Model of Project:
The Project begins with the analysis of the customer expectations. The customer identifies management needs and actions that would improve their internal efficiency; according to this a management model is designed allowing us to define the lines of performance improvement to be measured through the project.

Using this model, the consultancy is in charge to determine the suitable strategies, policies and processes for the organization, and all the implementation is made on the software tool.

The joint work of both (consultancy and software tool) allows us to obtain progressive results and measure progressively the satisfaction of the initial expectations of the customer.


Integra offers management consultation services to help in design develop and implement solutions for the Client-Company. Our consultancy is always linked to our system as a single part of the final product-service of the client. In addition, we help our customers to personalize solutions developed to their particular needs, developing ad-hoc applications, taking the maximum advantage of the existing resources, and integrating them with the new technological proposals.


A multi-user client-server application, with access privileges defined according to the user profiles by a system administrator. The system is modular, so that the Client-Company can combine the modules depending on his necessities.